Bruce Banner #3 kush strain

Bruce Banner #3 strain is one of three types of the popular Bruce Banner strain cannabis strain. These unique buds have been named after the alter-ego of the Hulk, one of the famous comic book superheroes, and with good reason.Bruce Banner strain

Bruce Banner #3 strain kush is extremely potent, as it reaches even up to 30% of THC, which makes it one of the strongest strains on Earth! Created by Delta 9 Labs, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between the hugely popular Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush strains.

Although it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid, the strain offers a great balance of both sativa and indica effects. They start very fast with increased energy and creative euphoria. Users describe the high as an immediate boost of warming energy with a nice body buzz that feels light and relaxing.

The energy the strain provides can be easily channeled into creative and productive time, making the Bruce Banner #3 a great daytime choice. However, its potency may be a bit too much for newbies, so it’s better suited for more experienced marijuana enthusiasts. As for its calming properties, the strain offers complete body relaxation while keeping the user clear-headed.

Bruce Banner marijuana is one of the strains with the most powerful earthy and pungent fragrance, dominated by the aroma of diesel with some hints of a fruity smell. The plant comes with such an intense odor that many people hesitate to cultivate it outdoor. As for the flavor, it’s not as intense as its smell. Instead, the strain tastes fruity and sweet with distinct notes of diesel and strawberries.

The buds of this plant are dense and rich in psychoactive THC. These spade-shaped buds are vivid and bright green in color with hints of minty green and purple, generously sprinkled with red hairs. Moreover, Bruce Banner #3 comes with trichome-frosted buds, making its bag appeal love at first sight.

Although the hybrid is sativa-dominant, it offers a great balance of both mental and physical high, which is a great benefit for medical marijuana patients.

Thus, Bruce Banner #3 cannabis strain is ideal for treating patients who struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health concerns. There are also a lot of people using this type of weed to deal with headaches, muscle spasms, and chronic pains. On top of that, Bruce Banner #3 is usually recommended for people suffering from ADD/ADHD, Crohn’s Disease, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorder, as well as for those in need of an appetite boost.

All in all, the Bruce Banner #3 cannabis strain offers a great balance between the effects of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, which gives this hybrid is raciness and fruitiness. Plus, this sativa-dominant hybrid is not only the most recognized but also the most potent overall of the three Bruce Banner phenotypes. Don’t forget the strain is mostly recommended for more experienced weed users, as with its nearly 30% of THC can prove too much for newbies.


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6 reviews for Bruce Banner #3

  1. Ledger

    Damn, I’m high! This has always been my favorite. Very uplifting it just makes you happy. Strong head buzz that will make you creative or just in the mood to talk. Damn, I’m high!

  2. Mtlsnowflakes

    I absolutely LOVE this strain! It makes me feel great and I get stuff done. It’s motivating and helps ease artistic inhibitions. Top favorite for me!

  3. Prenne

    I have such a high tolerance to most strains. Hands down that I’ve found my new go-to

  4. Da_lamar

    Diesel taste, this strain is a brain hitter,I was focused yet relaxed and being highly productive all at the same time. Not really my type of flavour but highly THC.

  5. Jake

    Helped in my anxiety and stress disorder

  6. Ariwolf

    It’s has definitely helped with my stress due to work. Keeps me relaxed and euphoric.

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